Bringing Nature-Like Designs at Affordable Prices
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"Prakruthi" - Nature, is for everyone. Prakruthi Interior design is for everyone! We want to shatter the myth of 'Interior design is FOR the elite'! We cater to people of all economic status. 'Prakruthi' is our brainchild to uplift the standard of living of our people without degrading our Nature! Being certified in the UK and the USA, we strive to bring the best of both worlds to our India. We are Utilitarians first; we build aesthetics on top of that making our designs meaningful!

We are the implementation partners for Venus, an eco-energy solution provider for building spaces. Venus is headed by Mr Vinod Maroli who is the Vice Chairman of the Mysore chapter of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Being a Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP – 2010), we add value to customers in having the Sustainable Interiors too.

Eco- Friendly Interior Designs

Making living spaces LIVABLE through eco-friendly designs.

Residential Interior Design

Functional designs, yet aesthetic, cost effective and eco-friendly.

Commercial Interior Spaces

Functional Ergonomic designs for offices & businesses

Civil Engineers and Contractors

Provide quick and utilitarian electric and plumbing plans for civil engineers.